Nor Cal Novas is a car club.

Well, sort of. You see, we have no membership fees, or a “president", or monthly meetings. Sometimes we have cool sweatshirts. But sometimes we don’t. The whole thing started in early 2009 with a group of local Nova owners taking a cruise. That cruise, as it turned out, was a good amount of fun so we started planning more cruises, and morning donut runs, and picnics, and charity drives, and even camping trips. We invited anyone with a Nova (even if their Nova was in pieces in their garage because we’ve all been there). We helped each other find parts, fix problems, or just grabbed a burger and talked about paying too much for a NOS gas cap. We made a lot of friends.

Now, a handful of years later, we like to think we’ve built a great and supportive network of Nova owners and are excited about meeting even more. We have a huge Family Reunion and Picnic every year (that draws hundreds of our friends from all over the country) as well as great annual cruises and events (and are always looking for new ways to get out on the road).

Do you live in or around Northern California?

Do you own a Nova?

Do you think you’d enjoy driving your Nova along with other people who own Novas?

Great! Welcome to Nor Cal Novas.